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Hand-held RFID antenna signal strength mapping tool - a must for RFID professionals

Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

I wanted to take a moment to inform our RFID clients about a GREAT tool that many RFID professionals feel is an essential part of their "toolkit" in the field.

The RFID Power Mapper from RFMAX is a small (2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches) hand-held unit that measures relative antenna stregth for both linear and circular RFID antennas in the FCC: 902-928 mhz & ETSI: 865-868 mhz ranges.  

The unit does NOT require batteries, so it's always ready when you need it.  It simply uses radiated RF power like an RFID tag, and displays signal strength on a simple to read analog guage.  I find it most helpful when comparing one antenna vs. another's gain and beamwidth in a particular installation, or simpy to test whether we are getting signal from a particular antenna node.

This simple tool can save the professional RFID system integrator a tremendous about of time on the job.  Click the photo below for our product page which will give you a complete overview of the device, and the option to order from our STOCK.


For the full line of RFMAX, gear for RFID professionals, click here:

See you at RFID Journal Live in San Diego!  Booth # 228

-Mike Crudele

Arcadian Inc.

RFID Reader Antenna Supplier Arcadian, Inc. Launches New RFMAX Product Line

Posted on Friday, March 27th, 2015

Arcadian, Inc., a New Jersey based distributor of commercial antennas and wireless equipment has announced the launch of RFMAX, it's new line of antennas, weatherproof enclosures, cables and related hardware for the 865-868 & 902-928 Mhz UHF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) market. The company plans to officially launch RFMAX at the RFID Journal Live! Tradeshow, taking place in San Diego, CA - April 15th - 17th, 2015.  Come see them at Booth #228.

According to Michael Crudele, President of Arcadian, Inc., "the RFMAX product line encompasses a range of products designed to solve everyday RFID challenges and to simplify RFID systems setup. Our focus is to bring to market unique and robust products to fill a variety of gaps in the existing RFID space, enhancing the ability of RFID VAR's (Value Added Resellers) and system integrators to offer the best possible solutions for the end user. We're creating these products based on Arcadians' many years of experience in RFID antenna applications." 

The initial lineup of RFMAX products include:

  • RFID Reader Enclosures designed to protect sensitive RFID readers such as the Impinj Speedway Revolution R420 and the Motorola FX7500 from the elements and simplify system setup.
  • RFID Race Timing Antenna Kits which include everything you need to setup an chip timing or RFID Race Timing antenna system, including tripod, circular polarized RFID antenna, mount and cable.
  • RFID Power Mapper, a handheld meter used to map RFID antenna signal patterns and strength, and to identify null or dead spots in the RF signals.
  • RFID Antennas designed to meet unique application requirements and to out-perform existing products in the RFID space.  Both linear and circular polarity are available.
  • RFID Jumper Cables designed for quick connections and peak RFID performance. LMR195 type low-loss cable with type N-Male, RPTNC-Male, RPTNC-Female and SMA-Male connections

About Arcadian, Inc.

Arcadian, Inc. is an industry-leading distributor of antennas and wireless components for the DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), M2M (Machine to Machine) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) markets. The firm is a Master Stocking Distributor for RFMAX, Laird Technologies, Pulse/Larsen Electronics, Times-7, MTI Wireless Edge and others. Arcadian was established in 2000 by industry veteran Michael Crudele, and is based in Little Falls, NJ. The company is privately held, and maintains offices in NJ and Tempe, AZ.

Media Contact:Henry Perlmutter, Arcadian, Inc., (480) 500-8270,

Can't find Motorola AN400 bistatic RFID antenna? Try our circularly polarized 10x20 inch dual port RFID panel antenna

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Can't find Motorola AN400 bistatic RFID antenna? Try our circularly polarized 10x20 inch dual port RFID panel antenna.

Recently, we had an RFID antenna customer come in looking for a Motorola / Zebra RFID panel antenna, model # AN400.  Apparently, the customer was having a difficult time procuring this antenna model for their RFID portals.  We informed them that it was our understanding that the AN400 antenna had been discontinued and/or is generally unavailable from Motorola and the replacement antenna is the updated model  - which carries part # AN440. Both antennas have similar mechanical and RF electrical specifications.

Here are the specs on the AN440 dual element bi-static dual port RFID antena.  This model has two antenna radiators under the radome, one is LHCP, the second is RHCP.

Size: L: 22.6 x W: 10.2 x D: 1.32 inches (575 x 259 x 34 mm)

Weight: 4.2 Lbs. (1.9 kg)

Frequency: 902-928 Mhz for UHF RFID in the FCC band (US, Canada, Mexico, S. America, etc.)

Gain: 9 dBic.  VSWR: 1.4:1.  Axial Ratio: 1 db

Polarity: Left & Right Hand Cirucularly Polarized

Beamwidth, H&V: 70 degrees in both planes

Includes (2) type N-Female fixed connectors on the rear of the unit.

Mounting: 4 1/4-20 threaded studs on the rear of the unit.

You can find futher specifications on this antenna, or purchase the equivalent unit by clicking here for part # PRL90209.

Arcadian Inc., we are the RFID antenna us, we are happy to help!

Email us at:

RFID antenna mounts for Laird Times-7 & MTI panels. How to choose? Weight limitations on Arcadian's EZ brackets

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

This question has come up several times, and I would like to address it in detail.  See my notes below on each of the EZ mounts and what their maximum weight loads are.  Keep in mind that there are TWO ratings for each mount.


A “static” rating, for antennas that will be mounted in a secure location and not be subjected to any vibration at all.

A “subject to vibration” rating, for antennas that will be mounted in a location that is subject to ANY shake or vibration.  That could be the obvious, like on a vehicle, or the less obvious, like next to a stamping machine, or next to a loading dock.

Here is my input:

We are no longer recommending the EZP4 in 2015.  With the popularity of the EZM6 (6 inch die cast aluminum RFID antenna mounting bracket) most customers are leaning towards spending a few extra dollars for this model, and we are spending more and more of our inventory dollars on stocking the EZM6 (wall, mast & combo)


EZP4: 2 lbs. (static install) or 1 lb. (if subject to vibration)  Suitable for:

·        Laird 10x10” antennas in a static environment, but we are no longer recommending this in 2015)

EZM6: 5 lbs. (static install) or 2 lbs. (if subject to vibration)  Suitable for:

·        Laird 10x10” models (S9028PC, PAL902909, PAR90209)

·        MTI 12x12” models (MT-262006)

·        Times-7 smaller models (A6031, A6032)

EZM9: 10 lbs. (static install) or 5 lbs. (if subject to vibration)  Suitable for:

·        Laird 10x10” models (S9028PC, PAL902909, PAR90209)

·        Laird 10x20” model (PRL90209)

·        MTI 12x12” models (MT-262006)

·        Times-7 smaller models (A6031, A6032)

·        Times-7 larger models (A6034 & A6034S) *with or without the sheet metal mounting plate* 

If you are using the EZ mounts in conjuction with Times 7 antenna #'s, A6031, A6032, A6034 or A6034S, you will also require a Times 7 mounting plates.

Click here for the full range of Times-7 RFID antenna mounting brackets.

71631 - A6031 MOUNTING PLATE - Times-7

They include:

Part # 71631 - A6031 MOUNTING PLATE

Part # 71632 - A6032 MOUNTING PLATE

Part # 71633 - A6034S MOUNTING PLATE

Part # 71634 - A6034 MOUNTING PLATE

For other RFID antenna mounts that are specific to Laird, Times-7 and MTI as well as RFID pigtail cable jumpers


Or, feel free to contact me directly at:

Mike Crudele

Arcadian Inc.

RFID antennas & enclosures at Journal Live 2015 - Arcadian Inc. & RFMax present the latest in RFID hardware

Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

03-17-15: Arcadian Inc. announced that they will be partnering with RFMax, the newest member of their RFID product portfolio, to present at RFID Journal Live 2015 to be held at the San Diego Convention Center from April 15-17.  Arcadian Inc. / RFMax will be in the "Smart Solutions" booth # 228 along with partners Jamison RFID, Mid South RFID, Simply RFID & Active ID.

Over the past 10 years, Arcadian Inc. has become known as the go-to source for all passive RFID gear, including: RFID ANTENNAS from Laird / Cushcraft, MTI & Times-7.  RFID ANTENNA MOUNTING HARDWARE.  RFID ANTENNA CABLES.  and now...RFID READER ENCLOSURES from RFMax.

New RFID gear that will be featured by Arcadian Inc. / RFMax:

RFID Reader enclosures for both the Impinj R420 Speedway Revolution and the Motorola FX7400 & FX7500.  These enclosures are ideal for indoor or outdoor mounting of readers, circuit protection, and in some cases GPIO and power supplies.  These reader enclosures have pre-configured backplates for the most popular RFID readers, are pre-wired with coaxial cable and bulkhead connectors, and include a grouning lug.  A true "plug and play" solution for RFID System Integrators.

10x10 inch Flush Mount RFID antennas - these are the same 10x10 inch, 8.5 dBi gain antennas that have become the industry standard for UHF RFID, but now available in flush mount.  These untis feature (4) 1 inch mounting flanges in the corners, and have a 12" pigtail with RPTNC-Female so you can connect any cable extension that works best in your installation.  These antenans are packaged 10/carton for easy shipping and storage.

R9029F12RTF-10PK - RFMAX

RFID antenna power mapper - this battery free, hand-held device is used for detecting and mapping RFID signal strengh from your RFID antennas.  This is the perfect tool for RFID system integrators to use in the field when installing systems for things like inventory tracking, people tracking, etc.  This is an essential piece of test equipment for every RFID professional.


Attending the show for Arcadian Inc. will be Mike Crudele - President, Shawn Bays - sales manager & Henry Perlmutter - marketing manager.  Please reach out to any of these gentlemen to pre-arrange a meeting at teh show.  Contact us by phone at 1-888-925-5967 or link to the emails above.

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