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Range extender antenna kits for the Motorola/Psion VH10 mobile computer now available...

Posted on Friday, February 20th, 2015

Arcadian Inc. is now carrying Range Extender Antenna Kits for the Psion / Motorola VH10 mobile computer. 

This kit from RFMAX extends the WLAN or Wi-Fi range capabilities of the VH10 for better coverage in your warehouse or distribution center. It's super strong magnetic base is designed to attach securely outside of the roll-cage of your forklift and improve wireless signal strength for 802.11 Wifi and WLAN connections. 

RFMAX VH10 Range Extender Kit > 

Arcadian ID’s the Perfect Antenna Solution for Ritani Jewelers

Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Custom Designed Antennas From Arcadian and Times-7 Enable
In-Store RFID System to Enhance Customer Service and Increase Sales.

Ritani Jewelers is a unique hybrid of online and brick and mortar jewelry retailing, offering its’ customers the opportunity to shop online and then actually see the items in person through it’s national network of trusted local jewelers. In early 2014, the company approached Arcadian with a need for some very specific RFID antennas to enable a new system for its’ retailers designed to enhance the in-store customer experience. The system automatically displays information about items removed from a showcase on a nearby iPad, including photos, specs, prices, and similar items, and allows the consumer to share that information via email or social media.

Ritani had a very unique set of requirements for the RFID antennas residing in the showcases, including sizes and electronic specifications. Unable to locate these antennas anywhere else, the customer turned to Arcadian. After supplying a number of “off-the-shelf” antennas for testing, Arcadian, working directly with the manufacturer, Times-7 developed a customized slimline antenna that met all of Ritani’s requirements. The new custom antennas were delivered within a very tight timeline, and succeeded in meeting all of Ritanis’ requirements. The initial pilot system is now being rolled out on a larger scale through Ritanis’ network and has been a big hit with its’ customers.


Products recommended for use in retail jewelry RFID applications:

Times-7 Model A1001 Nearfield RFID Antenna


Times-7 Model A1030 Nearfield RFID Antenna

Antenna Range Extender Kits for Motorola VC5090 / VC70 Mobile PC

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2014

At Arcadian Inc., our antenna support staff is contacted on a daily basis by people using Motorola’s VC5090 and VC70 Ultra-rugged Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Computers.  The issue they are facing is lack of RF / Wi-Fi connectivity from their VC5090 or VC70, which is fork lift / lift truck mounted, to the wireless network in the warehouse or distribution center.

Typically, the root cause of this scenario is that these mobile PC’s have an “internal” antenna embedded within the unit itself.  From a technical standpoint we have learned from many years' experience that if your VC5090 or VC70 PC's are mounted on fork lifts, the internal antenna alone will NOT help your connectivity, and neither will the often recommended external antenna WTS2450-RPSMA. The roll cage of the vehicle causes major interference of the RF signal and is what prevents the computers existing (internal) antenna from working properly.  Even if you attach an external dipole antenna, like the WTSB2450-RPSMA, the antenna is still located within the roll cage, thus still subject to the same interference and lack of connectivity to your network.

The only way to improve performance of your VC5090 is to get the antenna ABOVE the roll cage, so it is NOT subject to any interference. We have deployed thousands of these VC5090 and VC70 range extender kits all over the world, with much success. 

Full details are available here:

These kits are always IN STOCK and available for immediate shipment.  List Price is $99 USD

Extenet Enhances Wireless Service with new Distributed Antenna System at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2014

Museum of Science and Industry


ExteNet Systems has completed new enhanced wireless service on its distributed antenna system (DAS) network at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago. MSI is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, and has been a Chicago landmark for over a century. The new system is designed to enhance the museum’s guest experience by providing significantly improved wireless service throughout the facility. 


Arcadian and Laird have been an instrumental part of the MSI deployment, which utilizes the Laird CMD69273P-30NF low PIM MIMO antenna to provide improved 3G/4G LTE cellular coverage. 

Laird CMD69273

This antenna was chosen by the client, who is extremely concerned with aesthetics, because it perfectly combines superior MiMo performance with the lowest profile of any omnidirectional iDAS antenna for 3G/4G-LTE on the market today.  

Since the initial deployment of 3G and 4G LTE networks, high-traffic buildings and venues have been increasingly faced with challenges in mobile connectivity. To enhance the guest experience, MSI worked with ExteNet to deploy multiple, discreetly mounted antennas throughout the historic building, improving mobile communication functionality and experience for both the museum and its guests, while maintaining the aesthetics of the historic building.

“Because smartphones account for 70 percent of mobile phones today, elevating the need for network connectivity, the Museum of Science and Industry wants to deliver a superior mobile experience to its guests,” noted Ross Manire, President and CEO of ExteNet. The 610,000 square-foot MSI typically hosts 1.4 million guests per year, and with the dramatically improved access to its new wireless network, guests will have even more opportunities to enjoy and share their experiences. 

UGG Shoes to use Circularly Polarized RFID Antennas in Retail Stores for new Interactive Displays

Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2014


To launch their next-generation UGG Australia stores, Deckers Brands partnered with tech firm Control Group of New York, using Times-7 RFID antennas supplied by Arcadian, Inc. 


The innovative system was designed from the ground up to bring the information and inventory of their e-commerce platform to the brick and mortar world. The system was launched at it’s new UGG Australia store in McLean, Va, and will eventually be launched at other Deckers stores if the technology is well received by customers. The project is part of a drive by Deckers to use technology to make its physical stores a more “omni-channel” experience.



Arcadian, Inc. was instrumental in antenna evaluation and demonstrations at Control Group in New York City, and is supporting Deckers to outfit the retail pilot stores. Antennas used in this project are the Times-7 A6590C-71749-FG  shown here. 


pastedGraphic_2.pdfAlso critical to the process was the RFMAX RFID Power Mapper, which was used throughout the antenna evaluation process, aiding the design team in understanding the range and coverage area of RFID signals.


When a customer tries on a shoe and walks over to the mirror to see how it looks, hidden RFID-technology “magically” changes the content on an embedded HD display to show information relevant to the item she has on—such as other colors available and similar styles based on “customers also bought” logic. She can then scroll through options right from the screen and send a notification to her phone with a direct link to the item to order with free delivery.


Consumers also have the option of following prompts on the touchscreen to send themselves text messages containing product links, directly from the Control Group software residing on a centralized content management server. In that way, shoppers can view details about a product they tried on, whether or not they purchase it at the time. The collected data is also forwarded to UGG store managers, enabling them to design promotional campaigns and in-store visuals.


For customers, the unique and memorable experience provides frictionless access to information and products, making the shopping experience both easier and more enjoyable. For Deckers, it increases customer engagement with the UGG brand and extends content and inventory beyond what the physical store allows.

Stores sales representatives carry iPads enabling them to seek additional product information that shoppers request. They can also use devices to help a shopper order an item online if it is unavailable at the store.


The store is considering other future applications for the RFID technology as well. For instance, Miller says, it may opt to integrate antennas into the shelving at some locations, thereby providing additional options for viewing product data. "A sales associate might use this as an assisted sales tool," he explains. "Placing a shoe on a pedestal, triggering content on a nearby screen that tells a product story, displays related styles or accesses inventory information."


To date, Powers reports, "consumers enjoy the seamless way that these technologies assist them in making purchases."

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